Compare Energy Providers & Prices in the Netherlands

In the vibrant landscape of green energy in the Netherlands, finding the right provider can be a labyrinth of choices. “Green” claims abound, but is the energy truly sustainable? At, we’re here to guide you through getting a green and cheap energy provider.

In NL, most green energy providers are just as cheap or even cheaper than grey energy providers.

Compare Real Green Energy Providers On Lowest Price

You can compare energy with this tool. The tool itself is still in Dutch.

Sold as Green, Not Always Green

While many energy providers in the Netherlands market their offerings as green, the reality may be quite different. Some companies engage in questionable practices, blending conventional energy with a smattering of green certificates, often sourced from abroad.

At, we believe in transparency – true green energy should be locally sourced and sustainable. That is why we only show green energy providers.

Energy Companies: Navigating the Options

The Dutch energy market is teeming with companies fighting for your attention. From industry giants to eco-friendly newcomers, the choices can be overwhelming. Our platform simplifies this process, offering a comprehensive comparison of energy providers so you can make a choice that aligns with your green values.

Energy Contract Compare: Making Informed Decisions

Before you commit to an energy contract, it’s crucial to compare your options. Our platform allows you to easily compare energy contracts, giving you insights into the green credentials, pricing, and terms of different providers. Make informed decisions that align with your sustainability goals.

Green Energy: Beyond the Surface

The term “green energy” is not a one-size-fits-all label. At, we delve deeper. Our platform distinguishes between various shades of green, including green gas options such as carbon offset gas and/or biogas/biomethane. Go beyond the surface and choose energy that’s even greener.

Greenchoice: A True Commitment to Sustainability

Explore energy providers like Greenchoice, a company committed to sustainable practices. showcases providers that prioritize local, renewable sources, ensuring that your choice has a positive impact on the environment.

Essent – Not So Green: Unmasking the Reality

Not all that glitters is green. Essent may tout its commitment to sustainability, but our platform reveals the reality. Explore alternatives that align more closely with your green energy expectations.

Eneco: Unveiling the Green Reality

Eneco, a prominent player in the Dutch energy landscape, claims to prioritize green energy. They score sufficient on sustainability.

Use our platform to compare energy providers, decode utility companies’ eco-friendly claims, and make choices that resonate with your commitment to a greener future. Start your journey with – where true sustainability meets informed decisions.

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